Tamper Evident Labels

Flexibility and versatility is vital to the success of security seals and tamper evident tapes.

Our products offer a wide range of technologies to create a tamper evident label suitable for your application and achieve the best security solution for you. With our experience of 20 years we can offer solutions and product for protecting your goods.

Protecting brand security and packaging security. Tamper Evident labels provide an added layer of security designed with a visual proof of tampering. Our products are customizable and available in a residue and non-residue adhesive.

ISO 9001:2008
Cert CA14477

Why use Tamper-Evident Labels?

24/7 Protection

You can’t watch your products all the time, but you can trust Tamper Evident labels to deter unauthorized access and theft.

Simple & Easy

Easily applied with minimal training and flexible enough to be quickly integrated into existing processes.

Cost Effective

Effective security measures such as Tamper Evident labels are an inexpensive investment to secure your products.

Find the right Tamper Evident Label for you.