Security Bags

Protecting sensitive information, documents, and products from unauthorized access is extremely critical. Information in the wrong hands can be devastating.

Secure Applications can provide a simple solution that is easily adapted to your processes and extremely effective in providing protection from tampering, pilferage, information theft, and corporate espionage.

Tamper evident security bags provide a targeted layer of security regardless your industry or needs. We may be in diverse industries but we share a common thread. Loss is loss and whether you handle diamonds, documents, pharmaceuticals, critical information, MMJ, or currency, protection is required. Secure Applications is here to assist with your specific needs.

From retail to document bags, we’ve got it covered.

Why use Security Bags?

24/7 Protection

Tamper Evident Bags stand guard by encasing your valuable information and products when unattended. Unauthorized entry is easily detectable and preventable.

Simple & Easy

Simply insert your documents or products in the bag, tear off a protective strip to expose the tamper evident tape, seal the bag.

Cost Effective

Low cost, customizable, quickly deployed and extremely effective. TE Security bags are an investment of pennies per bag and can provide protection from incalculable loss.

Find the right Security Bags for you.