Pallet Security

Unattended pallets in the supply chain present a unique challenge for shippers, transport personnel, security professionals and unfortunately to the bad guys. Cargo at rest is cargo at risk.

Our Pallet protection solutions provide closure, identity, and protection from tampering, pilferage, damage, and loss.

You seal your trucks, why not take the same approach and seal your pallets? We are here to help you select the pallet security product that best fits your needs.

Secure Your Trucks – Secure Your Pallets

Why use Pallet Security?

24/7 Protection

From manufacturer, to transport mode, to warehouse, to cross dock, to end user, a pallet is exposed multiple times in the transit stream. Pallet protection products help prevent loss and provide a needed layer of security when out of your control.

Simple & Easy

Easily applied with minimal training and flexible enough to be quickly integrated into existing processes.

Cost Effective

Pallet protection products provide a low cost and effective deterrent to product loss and tampering.

Find the right Pallet Security solution for you.