Medical Marijuana Security

If you’re in the business, protection of your products and revenue should be your #1 concern.

75% of all theft and pilferage happens from people on the inside. Protect your business & clients from theft & product tampering!

CannabiSeal offers solutions for unauthorized access that can easily be detected with a Tamper-Evident Seal. The added security will ensure that your client’s order reaches its destination without interference. Ensure your clients’ safety by using CannabiSeal.

CannabiSeal leaves a “void/open” message when removed, and it’s designed for use on cardboard boxes, plastics, glass, and wood. It’s available in a non-residue or residue adhesive.

We offer a wide range of bags from tamper-evident to high security bags, cash, documents, as well as eco-friendly shopping bags.

Earn your client’s trust with CannabiSeal-Logo-Icon-SmallCannabiSeal.

Keeping your product secure every step of the way.

Why use Medical Marijuana Security?

24/7 Protection

CannabiSeal provides a cost-effective way to manage theft and pilferage in your supply chain.

Simple & Easy

You can use CannabiSeal as a Tamper-Evident Solution for Totes, Containers, Bottles and Bags.

Cost Effective

Protect your products from interference and tampering with an inexpensive layer of security.

Find the right Medical Marijuana Security solution for you.