Counterfeit Detection

Webster’s Dictionary Legal definition of Counterfeit: made in imitation of a genuine article (as a document)¬†without authorization and especially with intent to deceive or defraud.

That says it all.

Secure Applications offers a wide range of technologies to ensure authenticity of currency and products. Fraud and deception are the tools of the bad guys. We understand their tactics and techniques.

Protect your bottom line by including our counterfeit detection technologies in your security programs and protocol.

Stop Counterfeiting in its Tracks

Why use Counterfeit Detection?

24/7 Protection

The enemy never takes a day off and you should never drop your guard. Our solutions are always working to protect you from accepting counterfeit currency, documents, and products.

Simple & Easy

Easily adaptable and deployable products that require minimal training and interaction and integrate into virtually any system.

Cost Effective

Minimal cost with maximum protection. Our products are an investment in your security and success.

Find the right Counterfeit Detection solution for you.