Cold Chain Applications

Cold chain shipping is a process that presents multiple challenges when handling temperature sensitive products.

Improper preparation, packaging, and inappropriate temperature ranges can produce disastrous results.

Our product line includes cost effective temperature protective pallet wraps, insulated envelopes, insulated box liners, and temperature monitoring devices.

Don’t allow your products to spoil while in transit. Allow Secure Applications to assist you in creating an easy to use, targeted program that ensures the safety of your products and saves you money.

Keep your cold products cold.

How Can You Use Cold Chain Applications?

24/7 Protection

Cold chain applications provide protection to products while in transit and out of your watchful eyes.

Simple & Easy

Secure Applications Cold Chain Solutions are tailored to your individual needs and require minimal training.

Cost Effective

An effective cold chain program requires an investment in cost effective packaging and temperature monitoring devices. Ensure the safety of your products and that of consumers with our low cost solutions.

Find the right Cold Chain Applications for you.